Hello Friends and Potential Donors,

Music is my livelihood, and Oklahoma is my home—my heart. So, when I heard more about OKPOP’s mission to inspire and empower young Oklahoma musicians or artists like me, I knew I had to get involved. OKPOP is telling the stories of Oklahomans who influence pop culture in such a cool and innovative way, and folks from all over the county are going to love it.

Please consider joining me, and others, to support the final fundraising phase to open OKPOP to the public.

Honorary Campaign Chair

Pop culture is the heart & soul of Oklahoma. Immersive and educational exhibits are also the heart & soul of OKPOP.

Pop culture is the heart & soul of Oklahoma. The fundraising campaign to complete OKPOP will utilize funds to:

  • Capture, restore, and catalog thousands of Oklahoma artifacts and collections;
  • Support the design and construction of immersive, world-class interactive installations and exhibits;
  • Provide financial support for education, programming development, technology
    implementation, and marketing;
  • Enable the OKPOP Foundation to begin an endowment to ensure OKPOP’s long-term sustainability.
Fundraising Update

For every $1 committed, OKPOP will receive a matching $1 from the State of Oklahoma.

During the First Special Session of the 2023 legislative session, the Oklahoma Historical Society was appropriated $18 million for completion of OKPOP. Matching funds must be provided by November 2024.

With your support we can turn up the funding volume for OKPOP and get it open to the public!

Campaign Cabinet
Lt. Gov Matt Pinnell

Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell

State of Oklahoma

Mayor G.T. Bynum

City of Tulsa

Molly Jarvis

Cherokee Nation Businesses

Tim Blake Nelson

Actor, Director, Playwright

Jeff Stava

Tulsa Community Foundation

Sterlin Harjo


Jay Ellis

Film and TV Actor

Rose Washington-Jones

Tulsa Economic Development Corporation

Charlene Ripley

Ripley’s Farm + Studio

Cliff Hudson

Business Advisor, Lawyer

Cassie Reese Tipton


For individuals, corporations, and foundations interested in naming opportunities, please contact:

Abby Kurin, Managing Director
OKPOP Foundation

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