OKPOP Experience

The mission of OKPOP is to inspire and empower new generations of artists, musicians, and storytellers to impact the world through the powerful force of creative expression by showcasing the legacy of Oklahomans and their influence on popular culture.

Under the direction of the Oklahoma Historical Society, OKPOP Museum collects, preserves, and shares the state’s pop culture artifacts and collections through four core programs: The OKPOP experience, community outreach, research archives, and education.

Visitors expecting a traditional museum experience will be amazed to discover a pop culture playground designed to be explored in ways beyond sight and sound. Our exhibits and gallery spaces will make use of modern technology and interactive play places to create an ever-changing museum experience that keeps guests coming back, not just to observe collected artifacts, but to create and play.

first floor of the okpop museum

First Floor
Crossroads of Creativity

Your OKPOP Museum journey begins on the corner of Main and Easton, just off historic Route 66—The Crossroads of Creativity. Step through the doors and into a vibrant, whimsical atmosphere that sets the tone for your adventure. The First Floor is free to the public and includes:

  • A tip of the hat from Will Rogers himself, you won’t believe your eyes!
  • A larger than life homage to Oklahoma’s rich history in Broadcast Radio and Television.
  • The fabulous Pop-Up Expo will showcase everything from sports sensations and foodie creations to Game Boys and Playstations.
  • A groovy listening lounge that takes you back to the venues where the Tulsa Sound was born. Grab a coffee during the day or stick around for an acoustic performance at night.
  • Get exclusive OKPOP gear at our over-the-top retail Pop Shop, from tunes to toys to tees!
  • Bob Wills’ fully-restored 1948 tour bus, the motorcoach that blazed a trail down Route 66!
  • Slap on your POPWATCH to get the most out of your museum experience. Channel your inner Dick Tracy to uncover secret stories, hidden quests, and collect prizes in the Pop Shop.
second floor of the okpop museum

Second Floor
Imagined Worlds

From screen to stage, behind the scenes and on the page, Oklahomans have impacted the world of Pop Culture through incredible storytelling. OKPOP’s Imagined Worlds exhibit takes you on a whirlwind journey through a century’s-worth of Okie accomplishments, spanning multiple genres, including Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Western, Science Fiction, and more. OKPOP has a robust collection of artifacts on display; but OKPOP is not your typical museum. Gone are the white-walled galleries and static displays of yesteryear. Instead, you are invited to wander through a colorful playground of creativity that will delight the senses. Create, play, and get lost in the magical worlds and fascinating stories of Oklahomans who are the force behind epic moments in pop culture. The Second Floor will feature:

  • Immersive genre-based ‘worlds’ where you can create a superhero of your own, fly a spaceship, or cast a spell. Oklahoma Creatives’ stories will be brought to life through interactive creation stations, hidden portals, and maybe even a robot or two.
  • Remarkable artifacts from a variety of Oklahoma actors, writers, producers, and artists are housed inside the walls of OKPOP’s retro-futuristic Imaginarium.
  • As you roam you’ll discover stories from Oklahoma Creatives, thanks to the hundreds of Oral History interviews OKPOP has collected and preserved for the Oklahoma Historical Society.
  • For the finale, OKPOP’s Oklahoma! Theater celebrates the musical phenomenon that put our state on the map. The 50-seat theater is also perfect for special events, screenings, and programs.
third floor of the okpop museum

Third Floor
Musical Journeys

Set in an ethereal soundscape, the Third Floor experience lets you follow in the footsteps of musicians and songwriters who turned their musical dreams into reality. Meander through a mystical forest to discover artifacts and memorabilia highlighting 150 years of Oklahoma music. Hear incredible stories from artists across all genres and get a unique glimpse into the progression of a musician’s career. A little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll—with some western swing, jazz, funk, and every beat in between. The Third Floor features a collage of stories from the various stages of a musician’s journey:

  • Musical Inspirations: Where it all begins! The first instrument. The first chord. The first song.
  • Life on the Road: Buckle up! Oklahomans travel the world and tell their on-tour tales.
  • Follow the Red Dirt Road through the Wildwoods, a musical trail teeming with lush visual soundscapes, where you can create your own magnum-opus along the way.
  • Design your own uniquely branded t-shirts, stickers, and posters in the Merch Lab.
  • Track the hit song of your dreams or just learn the basics of recording in OKPOP’s Recording Studio.