The mission of OKPOP is to inspire and empower new generations of artists, musicians, and storytellers to impact the world through the powerful force of creative expression by showcasing the legacy of Oklahomans and their influence on popular culture.

Under the direction of the Oklahoma Historical Society, OKPOP Museum collects, preserves, and shares the state’s pop culture artifacts and collections through four core programs: The OKPOP experience, community outreach, research archives, and education.

The OKPOP experience will house world-class installations and interactive exhibits telling the stories of Oklahoma’s profound impact on popular culture. Our immersive facility and programming will excite, inform, and inspire by engaging guests in the remarkable stories of Oklahoma’s impact on the world.

Visitors expecting a traditional museum experience will be amazed to discover a pop culture playground designed to be explored in ways beyond sight and sound. Our exhibits and gallery spaces will make use of modern technology and interactive play places to create an ever-changing museum experience that keeps guests coming back, not just to observe collected artifacts but to create and play.

first floor of the okpop museum

First Floor

Crossroads of Creativity

The OKPOP experience begins at the corner of Main and Easton. Just off of historic Route 66…the crossroads of creativity. Upon entering the facility, guests will immediately be wowed by a spacious, energetic experience, including public art space and Bob Wills’ fully restored 1948 tour bus

second floor of the okpop museum

Second Floor

Imagined Worlds

The second floor gallery, the largest in the facility, is home to OKPOP’s Imagined Worlds, an immersive, hands-on experience covering Oklahoma creatives from film, tv, theater, comics, literature, and more. OKPOP’s guests should expect an experience designed to change the way they think about museums, trading in the white-walled galleries and static displays of yesterday for a colorful playground of creativity. They can even create their own interactive superhero!

third floor of the okpop museum

Third Floor

Musical Journeys

OKPOP’s third floor features 8,000 square feet of exhibit space focused on 150 years of Oklahoma music, telling the many stories of our incredible musicians, songwriters, and venues. Visitors will follow various musical trails through reactive soundscapes while creating their own song along the way.